Home Gym – Never used, must sell

I was looking on Craig’s List for a bosu ball, and while I didn’t find what I was looking for I did find a multitude of home gyms and exercise equipment for sale.
The most common reason for selling? Disuse. Many people become inspired to work out and the fleeting desire recedes leaving very expensive equipment gathering dust in the garage. Indeed, I came across several ads that even stated “Hardly used, gathering dust in my garage, come get it.”

The point? Fancy equipment isn’t necessarily going to improve your dedication. Start with a few inexpensive pieces and if you find you have committed to your workout for a few months and plan to continue, then you can start upgrading. And when you do, you’ll know where to look!


One thought on “Home Gym – Never used, must sell

  1. Shannon Stallard says:

    I prefer work out toys that hit back and try to break my leg on occasion. That way when I go to my gym, if I don't feel like working hard my “equipment” reminds me that my health depends on my diligence.

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