Obesity Epidemic Explained

You always complained that eating healthy foods was more expensive than eating pre-packaged junk food, and you were right.

Here’s an excerpt about this very topic from the New York Times.

Last year, Dr. Drewnowski led a study, published in The Journal of the American Dietetic Association, comparing the prices of 370 foods sold at supermarkets in the Seattle area. The study showed that “energy dense” junk foods, which pack the most calories and fewest nutrients per gram, were far less expensive than nutrient-rich, lower-calorie foods like fruits and vegetables. The prices of the most healthful foods surged 19.5 percent over the two-year study period, while the junk food prices dropped 1.8 percent.

Just think how much more Top Ramen and Kraft Mac n Cheese will be consumed with the recent economic downturn. ~shudder~


2 thoughts on “Obesity Epidemic Explained

  1. This makes perfect sense, of course, to anyone who has read “Omnivore's Dilemma” and the like: they're so much cheaper because corn and soybeans are cheap…and all these things are made with all the derivatives of corn and/or soy.

    Speaking of which, have you seen the new KFC commercials? About serving a meal to your family for under $10? It makes me want to throw stuff at my TV and makes me understand a little why the French try to physically tear down McDonald's establishments.

    I wish our presidential candidates had been pressed more about their farm and food policies…

  2. I have seen that KFC commercial. So wicked, those advertisers! I've also heard about a commercial going around that glorifies high fructose corn syrup as safe since it's, you know, made from CORN! Yeah, and cocaine is good for you too because it's made from a PLANT!

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