Fast Food Frenzy

Did you all hear about the new Burger King commercial controversy? The fast food giant sought our remote global locations and offered villagers a taste test between the Whopper and BigMac. These people have never even seen a hamburger before! It’s bad enough that major fast food players are setting up shop in modernized cities the world over, but now we have to corrupt the rural natives with poor nutrition? It’s just sad in my opinion.

In related news, as the economy continues to decline, a small number of businesses are still experiencing a boost in sales. Which ones? McDonald’s and WalMart of course! McDonald’s has seen up to 10% increases in business worldwide in the recent months and WalMart has seen a boost of nearly 4%. I suppose I should be grateful that people losing their jobs have a cheap source of necessities (and by necessity I mean it’ll keep them alive in the short term), but instead I just feel guilty that pure, natural foods cost much more and are less available to people with low income.

I had a long discussion this past weekend with Grumpator and her husband about the state of nutrition in today’s society and as the debate ran in circles we concluded that there is no easy answer to the dilemma. What’s your suggestion?


3 thoughts on “Fast Food Frenzy

  1. Wodjar, da Pywate Wibwarian says:

    Near as I can tell there is no escape from sodium and fast food. Up to a hundred years ago, humans used salt derived from the sea. Then manufactors realized they could make more money by separating the component salts (along with the trace minerals such as gold) from the sea salt. So I agree with the theory that high blood pressure is wide-spread because most people consume NaCl. I use sea salt when I cook. And I try to use canned tomato puree instead of tomato sauce, so that I can sea salt to taste.

    There are a few healthy fast food choices I know of, but they are still high sodium. One can order a bean burrito from Taco Bell al fresco. Which is basically pico in place of the cheese. They're pretty good, cheap – and easy when you're in a hurry or on the road. Some day I'm going to order a bean burrito al fresco and ask them to add cheese. I expect the head of teenager behide the counter to explode in confusion. I guess it would be easier to ask for the al fresco sauce to be added to the burrito. I've also been know to order a grilled stuffed burrito and sub beans for the meat.

    Chipotle's is also an option. Get a burrito bol instead of a burrito. No tortilla, and it seems like they often give you more when they don't have to squeeze the contents into a burrito. A burrito bol can last me two or three meals.

    BTW, stay away from the taco salad bowls. Most of us know they are high fat, but according to an article I read yesterday in Yahoo News, a Taco Bell taco salad is the equivalent of eating 40 strips of bacon!! I'll take the bacon instead, thanks! The article was written by the author of “Eat This! Not That!”

    What I want to know is, why is McDonald's is so heavily advertising chicken nuggets lately? Maybe there's a higher profit margin?

    – Wodjar, da Pywate Wibwarian

  2. I have noticed the McNugget ad trend lately. I used to love those things…when I was 5. Nuggets are not adult food, nor should they ever be children's food either; but I digress.

    I didn't know that about the taco salad though. Wow! You know what would make it better? Taco Salad with Bacon!

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