Sensory Learning

I’m in the “Communication and Teaching Techniques” chapter of my ACE manual. Or, in other words, the “How to use common sense with your clients” chapter.

There is a section discussing how people prefer to learn. The manual states that 60% of people learn visually, while 20% learn auditorily and another 20% learn kinesthetically. People will even use these terms when acknowledging new information. A visual learner will say “I see,” or “Let me see that again,” an auditory learner will say “I hear you” or “Can you say that again?” and a kinethetic learner might say “This doesn’t feel right” or “I feel that.”

Looking at this information I can confirm my suspicions that I am most definitely a kinesthetic learner which is why I am having such a ding dang hard time remembering anything I read in this text book. Which sense do you learn best with?


One thought on “Sensory Learning

  1. I'm definitely visual – I often remember things by visualizing where I read them. Consequently, I actually have a hard time remembering things I read online, because where I read them may be ambiguous (in my blog reader, for example, as opposed to the actual blog).

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