Plant Based Diet

My friend, Moses, found this article outlining why eating a plant based diet is better for you and the environment. This is a concept that seems to be recurring for me in my schooling as well as published studies and articles I come across while web surfing. It’s no surprise that the average American diet is based around meat, and our health suffers because of it. Does this mean you have to give up your steak and bacon? Not at all. In fact, animal protein is an important source of nutrients that are difficult or nearly impossible to get as a vegetarian or vegan. It is also highly digestible and easily utilized by your body. I was a vegetarian for several years but have recently reintroduced poultry and small amounts of beef back into my diet after learning just how important animal foods are. My favorite line from the article is repeated over and over by my nutrition teacher to his mostly vegetarian/vegan student base:

“A little meat won’t kill you, though it’s better approached as a side dish than a main.”

Small amounts of meat is the key here. When you sit down to eat a meal at least 3/4 of your plate should be plant foods.


3 thoughts on “Plant Based Diet

  1. I really like the idea of meat as a side rather than the main dish. For some reason, that never occurred to me, and it really makes sense. Also sounds reasonable for this meat-lover.

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