Too Few Calories?

It’s well known that to lose you weight you have to consume less calories, but recently I have come across more and more people who have taken this to an extreme and are eating well under 1,000 calories. Yes, you will lose weight this way, but you’ll also lose your health. So how many calories are too few? Here’s an easy formula.

Your healthy lean body weight x 10.
So for me, I weigh 120 pounds, so that means I should consume no less than 1,200 calories per day.

This number is not your basal metabolic rate (the amount of calories needed simply to exist). You can find that here. Mine is about 1,300 calories per day. Once you factor in your daily activity like work, exercise, walking your dog, that caloric need increases. I’m considered “moderately active” and that brings my caloric needs to around 2,000 a day.

Now mind you, these are very general numbers and are merely an example of how people generally underestimate how many calories they actually need.


One thought on “Too Few Calories?

  1. People are silly especially when it comes to weight. It was fun to play with the calculators. The first calculator said 1300 and when I factor activity it was about 2100.

    I think I have been eating a bit more than that with working a restaurant but I hope to decrease the hot chocolates at work and hike a bit more.

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