Give Cold Cereal the Cold Shoulder

My whole foods cooking teacher just wrote this post on why you should switch from cold cereal to hot. She focuses mostly on oatmeal. During my schooling I learned how bad cold cereals are for you, especially if you have insulin concerns. I made an effort to quit my cold cereal habit, of which I had a lengthy love affair and often ate for more than one meal a day. I had to set my alarm 15 minutes earlier and make an effort to prepare my first meal of the day. Usually I alternate an egg with fruit or oatmeal with fruit. That’s about all the creativity I can muster that early. I have met several people that have broken the breakfast mold and will have sauteed greens with chicken, or a piece of fish with whole grains as their first meal of the day. They tell me this type of start makes them feel wonderful all day long.

I’ve been a non-cereal eater now for over 6 months and I do think it has made a difference. Having a more complete breakfast keeps me full for longer which helped me eliminate the need for snacking in the mid-morning hours. Plus, I know I’m getting better nutrition from more whole foods.

So check out the reasons Rachel outlines for some more facts against boxed cold-cereals and perhaps try out the recipe for oatmeal cooked in coffee. A couple of notes: she suggests not stirring your oatmeal while it’s cooking since this can break up the proteins causing them to separate, settle to the bottom and burn. I haven’t found this to work for me, but I do have an electric stove that tends to run really hot. Also, she suggests soaking your oats for at least a few hours, usually overnight, before you cook them. While increasing digestibility, the texture completely changes. If you prefer a grittier, grainier texture, then don’t go this route.

Your options for cereal-free breakfasts are limitless! What did you eat this morning?


5 thoughts on “Give Cold Cereal the Cold Shoulder

  1. I love oatmeal for breakfast, especially with fruit (raisins or strawberries), a little honey and milk. Mmmm…

    I cheat and cook it in the microwave – 5 minutes on half power. I've been doing this for the past 4 or 5 years or so and have my routine down so that I pack my lunch while my breakfast is nuking. It works out really well.

  2. I'm really curious about the oatmeal cooked in coffee–have you tried it? I had eggs with spinach this morning but I probably undid the good of that by having half of a cinnamon raisen bagel with it : ). But! The bagel was the hippie, sticks and twigs kind from New Frontiers (does that make it better?)

  3. I had lasagna, salad with feta cheese, garlic bread, and like 3 or four pieces of fruit. I need to get up earlier so I do not eat it so fast and I so I can eat more.

    I have never been a big lover of breakfast foods but I do love bagels.

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