I’m Back!

Yeah, I know. I promised to write after my ACE exam and I didn’t. So sue me. The good news is that I passed, and I even did better than I expected.
Business cards should be going to print this week and then comes the hard part of, you know, actually promoting myself.

Grumpator recently did a review on her Talking Tech column of several sites that help you track fitness and nutrition. It supplied the perfect incentive for me to start writing again. I thought I would review several of these sites in detail and post them here. Hopefully I can gain a good understanding of which sites are user friendly for future clients, blog readers, and myself!

Let me know if you have heard of a site you would like me to try. On the list for review are:
Nutrition Data (should be posted momentarily)


One thought on “I’m Back!

  1. You're covering the sites I would want or have tried, which are Sparkpeople and Dailyburn. I did a lot of data entry into the Sparkpeople site when I started using it in late 2006, but I've been quiescent since then. I gained 5 kg since having Gwen, though, so I NEED to get back into food tracking until I get a handle on healthy eating again. Sigh.

    Your Nutrition Data post was great!

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