What’s nice upon first entering is how easy it is to navigate. Everything is clearly laid out on a separate tab with no overwhelming colors and flashing advertisements.
You have some fabulous options for tracking, such as foods, activites, weight, journal, and moods. I thought the mood tracker was pretty awesome. Sometimes we may not realize how foods affect our emotions until we really pay attention. This is an easy way to do that.

Unfortunately, this site suffers the same search engine problems that did. A search for bell peppers brings up items from Taco Bell rather than the vegetable. I didn’t see an option to eliminate fast food from the search results like NutritionData. When you can find the food item you are looking for, one of the features I really like is that you can customize that food. So if your peanut butter is low sodium, you can just change the sodium content instead of inputting all the data from scratch. I found that modifying foods this way and also creating my own custom foods was the most accurate way to go since I rarely found my food in their database without clicking through endless search results.

Another nice thing about the site is it includes vitamin and mineral content, so you can quickly see if you are not getting enough calcium or vitamin A in your diet. You can also customize nutrition goals. Say you want to increase your protein and decrease your sodium, you input those goals and it will let you know if you are doing a good job meeting them. And the best part…charts! and graphs! There are lots of options for reports that give you easy to view data in a graphic presentation. I love this.

Also available is an activity tracker. This was pretty standard and it was relatively easy to find the appropriate activity to log. You can also input your body measurements and track those over time to see if you are gaining or losing weight depending on your goal.

Pros: Tons of options for tracking data, easy to navigate, clutter free, charts! and graphs!
Cons: Bothersome search engine. May have to input custom foods to build your own database.


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