No crunches necessary

I had heard of models having shadows and highlights strategically applied to their torsos to create more defined abs for photoshoots, but now you can order a kit for $69 to do it yourself at home.
I also ran across a few reviews that mentioned the Dancing with the Stars contestants use it to appear in better shape than they actually are.
Not fair. I feel betrayed.

On a related note, I heard a while ago that France is moving forward with plans to require a disclaimer on all images that have been digitally manipulated. I think this is a great idea although I can see it becoming problematic with minor retouches. I’m assuming there will be some guidelines.


One thought on “No crunches necessary

  1. The best part about DIY ab makeup is that some people (like me) would inevitably screw it up, making their abs look freakishly unnatural (or, more so than those kinds of abs on regular women, anyway). Just think about it – if you're wearing a bikini, laboriously apply your ab makeup, but still have the normal semi-flabby thighs, butt, and arms, you are not going to be all that attractive.

    Unless you want to take the time to apply makeup all over. Who will do your butt, then? I know my significant other would laugh me out of the room.

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