Primal Deodorants – A Review

As a holistic-minded individual, I am always seeking healthful alternatives to chemical-laden products that have become ubiquitous in our lives. Today, we are talking about deodorants. I won’t go into the lengthy debate of whether they may or may not cause cancer; I’m sure you have heard enough over the years to make the decision on whether or not you are willing to use commercial deodorants.

Here’s a secret I’m a little ashamed of….I do. Here’s why….because I have tried a dozen different natural deodorants and none of them work. Still, when my friend Sandra Brougher over at Renew Whole Health sent me some samples, I was excited to try them out. My results were pleasantly surprising.

Primal Pit Paste – (Baking soda, coconut oil, shea butter, arrowroot powder, lavender)

Primal Pit Paste comes in a jar with a consistency sort of like cookie dough. You are provided a mini-popsicle stick as an applicator and you rub a pea-sized amount into your pits like a gritty lotion. Here’s the deal: I hiked in Texas summer heat, I ran in Texas summer heat, I wore a polyester uniform shirt all day long and this stuff held up like a champ. No need for reapplication and it kept the stink away for literally two days straight (don’t ask why I didn’t shower for two days).

I was worried the coconut oil would stain my clothes, but it didn’t. The baking soda can leave a very light residue, but it’s still less than the “invisible” deodorants and washes out easily. If you plan to travel with this stuff, stick it in a baggie though, the box it arrived in was stained with oil that leaked out of the jar.

Unfortunately, I began to notice after about a week that my arm pits were becoming red and I had some painful clogged pores. I switched back to my old anti-perspirant and it cleared up right away. Their FAQ does warn that irritation may occur but usually clears up after consistent use. They even mention it may be necessary to go through a detox period from the chemical build-up of aluminum deodorants. I really like the product and will continue to use it as often as I can.

Pros: OMG, it works!, smells nice, doesn’t stain, lasts forever, only $8.95, comes in regular, strong or even kids varieties, various scents, sticks now available (contains beeswax)

Cons: May cause irritation, jar can leak oil during transport in hot weather


Primal Pit Stick from Paleo Life Organics – (Coconut oil, baking soda, beeswax)

Similiar to the Primal Pit Paste, Primal Pit Stick deodorant comes in a more convenient stick applicator. I didn’t experiment with this one as much because though it was unscented, it smelled strongly of beeswax which I find very unpleasant. I passed it on to another friend who didn’t mind the smell as much. It seemed to work equally as well as the Primal Pit Paste though just a bit stickier due to the beeswax. I just discovered they have a Sensitive version that contains arrowroot powder in place of baking soda and does come in scented varieties. If I can’t overcome the irritation of Primal Pit Paste I may give this a try instead.

Pros: Seemed to hold up well, though testing was limited, baking-soda free available, convenient applicator

Cons: Strong beeswax smell, slightly sticky, a little more expensive at $12 per stick


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