Yes, we have no bananas.

So it turns out that the banana Americans know and love maybe become extinct within 5-10 years. They are genetically susceptible to disease that is spreading rapidly and wiping out crops across the globe. Apparently a similar banana apocalypse has occurred before in the 1960’s. Back then, an even tastier version of the common banana was readily available to the American public but was devastated by Panama Disease. It was during this time that the famous “Yes, we have no bananas” line came about when a customer looking to purchase the yellow fruit questioned a grocer that may not have spoken English very well. The banana my generation has come to consume in mass quantities is the Cavendish variety. So far, all efforts to produce an equal banana have failed since most banana varieties (such as plantains) aren’t palatable to the American consumer or they have a short shelf life. Isn’t it amazing what we take for granted? I just ate a banana for a snack today, as I do several times a week. What will I replace it with when bananas disappear forever? If you really want to read a 5 page article on the subject visit this Popular Science link.