Paleo Banana Pancakes (Fail)

Christmas morning my mom and I usually try and cook some kind of delicious breakfast. We frequently make paleo friendly pumpkin pancakes that took some practice at first, but I feel like I have the technique down pretty well now. I found this recipe for a similar style of pancake but made with banana instead of pumpkin.



Martha Stewart would be proud



It’s the thought that counts

Yeeahhhh. It’s pretty clear that at some point I just gave up and turned it into a banana scramble. I’d like to say that at least they tasted good, but they were very sweet and extremely, well…banana-y. I’ll be sticking to the pumpkin pancakes from now on.


Instant 6-Pack Abs!

Have you guys seen this product floating around the internet lately? I would almost believe it’s real except for the use of language like “Pseudo-athlete” and “chicks dig it” which would never be used for a real product. It’s funny though because I’m actually surprised something like this hasn’t been invented and marketed yet. I mean, we have padded underwear to make our butts look more shapely, why not a plastic device that molds your fat into abdominal ripples? I bet it would make a fortune!

Ginormously Huge

While we were in dance class last night doing a particular move I noticed that my triceps are so huge compared to all the other girls in class! Oh my god! Am I a mutant or do I just need to lay off the 50lb cable machine pulls, pushups and dips I’ve been doing? Hmmm….
In the meantime….*pulls out mirror, flexes*