Gastric Bypass Surgery as a Cure for Diabetes?

I saw this piece on the news this morning essentially promoting gastric bypass surgery as a cure for type II diabetes. The irony about this report is that during the interview with the woman in the piece, she is shown…exercising!….and….eating salads! If you look at her physique in the before and after photos she is clearly more muscular too, so I would assume she is also doing some strength training.

Here’s the thing I don’t get: Perhaps the lifestyle changes associated with gastric bypass surgery ultimately led to the elimination of her diabetes, but it was the lifestyle changes (exercise and diet, including elimination or reduction in unhealthy foods) that cured her, not the surgery itself. I am completely dumbfounded that the International Diabetes Federation is considering recommending a dangerous surgery in lieu of diet changes. Granted, a surgery is easier in the minds of most patients. Essentially a one stop, cure all for what ails you. Why bother with diet and exercise…those are HARD, by golly. In my opinion, this isn’t a good option as a cure for diabetes. There are much safer and less expensive methods, though they may take more time and effort.