Accountability Update – Month 1

It’s been about a month since I posted about attempting to gain some accountability towards my fitness goals. So, how’s it going? Um….let’s just say I could use more time.

No, no, it hasn’t been a total disaster, but the lack of results have led me to put some new rules in place. Let’s review:

My exercise goals weren’t as realistic as I thought. I never made it to training and yoga in the same day. I always intended to do 60 minutes of cardio on Friday, but the reality was more like 35 to 40 and that was at a low intensity. The weather was really crappy here for a while so I didn’t make it outside on Saturdays very often. We had a break from dance rehearsals for a month but that will be resuming this week. And, last but not least I got nailed with a chest cold and didn’t work out for about 9 days.

My nutrition improved a smidge, but I thought I could handle an “everything in moderation” attitude. Yeah…no, I can’t.

I don’t feel like I totally failed though. Some progress was made with overall consistency and I feel like that is a good first step. Lifestyle change is trial and error and while I’m disappointed I didn’t have any changes in body composition, I set the stage for better adherence.

This month I will be trying a few new things. I started nutrition tracking again via MyFitnessPal. While it can be a pain in the ass, it helps me be aware of what I’m taking in and keeps me from thoughtlessly grazing on the goodies in the break room. Plus, after just two days, I realized how deficient I am with my protein requirements. I’m only getting about 50-60% of my goal. Huh. Who knew?

I obviously have a hard time with the length of my cardio sessions. So, I plan to keep them at just around 30 minutes, but I will commit to increasing the intensity with intervals (HIIT or Tabata) or at the very least, just a more challenging steady state. Now that the weather is warmer I find it pretty easy to get out on the weekends for at least 60 minutes of walk/jog or hiking with friends.

So, that’s the scoop after month 1. Lots more work to do but we’ll get there little by little!


Taking Action

ImageI had a conversation with someone about growing my business. She asked me a simple question: “What have you done this week to move forward?” It was a question to which I didn’t have an answer because I had done nothing.

If you are like me, you’re an excellent planner and researcher. I have spent years researching the heck out of marketing, social media and downloading “How To…” ebooks. My weakness comes in putting that knowledge into action. It seems so simple yet fills me with dread. Why would I not take the steps to succeed? Fear of failure is hard to overcome but it’s even worse when that failure comes from not trying at all. 

My friend’s reply to my situation was simple. For every hour of researching and planning you do, put an hour of effort into taking action. Still too much to handle? Here’s a simple exercise to build confidence while moving forward:

Make a promise to yourself today and make it a promise you can keep. It can be as simple as “I promise to breathe all day long.” By the end of the day you can say you’ve kept that promise and tomorrow you can take another step towards your goal. Repeat this every day and whether the task be simple or complex you will always be moving forward.

My promise to myself today was to complete and publish a blog post. After neglecting my blog for nearly a year, I can say I kept that promise and you know what? It feels pretty good! What else will I achieve today? What will you accomplish?